Accueil Actu NEOM and The Line: towards a sustainable and prosperous future

NEOM and The Line: towards a sustainable and prosperous future

At the heart of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, an ambitious vision focused on economic diversification and the promotion of sustainable development, is NEOM. This flagship project embodies the kingdom’s strong commitment to rethinking traditional models of urban development and creating a prosperous and sustainable future. Within this innovative vision emerges The Line, a revolutionary initiative that promises to redefine the contours of modern urban life.

NEOM’s The Line project

The Line, at the heart of NEOM, stands out as a concrete manifestation of Saudi Arabia’s aspirations to usher in a new era in global urban planning. Indeed, it is a program that aims to transform the northwest of Saudi Arabia into a more environmentally friendly city.

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Designed as a linear city extending over hundreds of kilometers, The Line aims to be a model of futuristic and sustainable urban planning. This innovative project is based on a holistic approach that will integrate cutting-edge technologies, sustainable development practices and a commitment to the well-being of residents.

The Line: a city of the future

The Line, the central element of NEOM, presents itself as a linear city where everything is accessible in less than 5 minutes on foot or by automatic and ultra-fast public transport. The city will be designed to minimize environmental impact and promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The Line promises a unique living environment that combines cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and lush green spaces with dynamic community life.

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Through this city, the Saudi authorities wish to give a new image to their country with NEOM Investment Opportunities. The project will indeed show the world that Saudi Arabia is not only open to investment sectors other than oil, but also concerned about environmental protection and the well-being of expatriates.

Unique opportunities for investors and expats

NEOM and The Line offer unique opportunities to investors and expatriates. The new city is looking for talent and capital to support its development in key sectors such as green technologies, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and robotics. NEOM promises a stable and attractive business environment, with favorable regulations and access to cutting-edge infrastructure.

The objective being to put into practice around 380,000 job opportunities, this project promotes increasing urban development and much greater openness to the world. Investment and employment opportunities can span several sectors.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency engineers

With its commitment to becoming a city powered entirely by renewable energy, NEOM provides an unprecedented field of action for engineers specializing in solar, wind, hydro and other forms of clean energy. These professionals play a vital role in designing and implementing innovative solutions to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Specialists in water and sanitation technologies

In a region where water management is of paramount importance, NEOM represents an exceptional opportunity for water and sanitation technology experts. By developing advanced systems for desalination, wastewater recycling and conservation of water resources, these professionals help ensure a secure and sustainable water supply for the city and its inhabitants.

Experts in waste management and recycling

NEOM is committed to minimizing its waste production and maximizing the recycling and recovery of materials. Waste management and recycling experts will be able to participate in the design and implementation of innovative strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle waste efficiently. This will contribute to promoting a circular and sustainable economy.

Sustainable architects and urban planners

The development of NEOM is based on principles of sustainable urban planning, because the aim is to implement the creation of ecological and resilient neighborhoods. Architects and urban planners specializing in the design of sustainable buildings and neighborhoods have the opportunity to leave their mark in the construction of the city of the future, by integrating concepts such as bioclimatic design, urban greening and intelligent planning of transport.

Long-term potential

The NEOM project and The Line are bold initiatives that have the potential to transform the urban landscape and revolutionize the way we live. By relying on innovation and sustainability, NEOM aims to become a model for the cities of the future and contribute to the prosperity of Saudi Arabia and the entire world.


NEOM and The Line constitute a bold bet on the future. The success of this project will depend on the ability to attract the investments, talents and technologies necessary for its realization. However, the long-term potential is immense and NEOM has the potential to become a global benchmark for smart and sustainable cities.